Why I Work From Home

Learn how to work from home and start a home-based business for financial freedom and be happier than ever before

Hi, I’m Joe. Let me tell you my story and see if it sounds familiar. I graduated from college and got a job I hated. I was happy to get the job because it paid well and was on what I thought was my career ladder.

Is it starting to sound familiar already?

I would spend at least an hour every day complaining with my coworkers about the company, management or whatever. I spent another hour or so thinking about what I wanted to do after work or on the weekend. Another hour went to just zoning out or avoiding work. I rushed to get my work done in the last few hours and hated every day.

I thought this is how life is, you may not like your job but you do it and put money away to retire as soon as possible.

Could you change out my name for yours in this story? You’re not alone.

Gallup surveys workers every year and each year is the same, people hate their job. More than 70% of Americans say they hate their job or are completely disengaged and not even cool perks like ping pong tables can change their mood. Not only do Americans hate their job but it costs the country over $500 billion a year in lost productivity and missed work days.

Life shouldn’t have to be like that!

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Early Retirement isn’t the Answer!

I worked my butt off in my early 20s, working a full-time and part-time job to make as much money as I could. I skimped and saved every penny to invest. If I couldn’t love my job, I was going to get rich enough that I wouldn’t have to do it anymore.

I burned out every six months or so and ended up blowing a lot of my savings on buying binges. I had some really cool toys but wasn’t getting any closer to early retirement.

After setting more realistic goals I started saving and was getting closer to my retirement goals but had a sudden and horrific realization…what the hell was I going to do in retirement?? Say I could meet my goal of retiring by 45, what was I going to do for the next 30 or 40 years?

Was the idea of sitting around in my underwear watching movies for three decades really worth being miserable at a job I hated for 20 years of my life?

It wasn’t early retirement that I wanted, I just didn’t want to hate my daily nine-to-five. If I had to spend a third of my life doing something, I might as well be happy doing it.

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Finding My Work from Home Hustle

It took 30 years of my life but I finally found the answer to making money and being happy while doing it. I started working my work from home plan in 2006 and went from side hustle to full-time money in 2013.

In the most ironic twist imaginable, I work harder now on my work from home ideas than I ever did for a traditional employer but I’m happier than I’ve ever been!

I work upwards of 40 to 50 hours a week, that’s actual work not just time spent sitting around staring at my computer. I’m always busy looking for ways to improve my work at home ideas and can truly say I love what I do.

That hard work has paid off. I average just over $4,000 a month in freelancing and built my blogging income to nearly $2,000 a month in less than a year.

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