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7 Ways to Get Money without a Loan
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7 Ways to Get Money without a Loan

When we need money, one of our easier options is to ask for a loan. But loans can be a burden and can tie us down. Other times, we may not even qualify for the loan we want.  But that does not mean we cannot help ourselves. Some of us have credit issues and need a loan even with bad credit. However, if we think carefully, we are likely to come up with easier and reliable ways when you need cash now.

Here are some great options.

Politely Ask for Money from Family or Friends

In most cases, you have family or friends who are willing to give you money when you need it. And to your surprise, they may give you money for free. In other cases, they may lend to you, but without any interest and a longer repayment period.

Either way, you will be able to get money without the burden of paying interest. This option is the easiest and only requires that you have a good relationship with family members or friends.

Sell Unwanted Items

This is the right time to sell old items that are filling up your home. When you look carefully, you will find something that can earn you money: old appliances, clothing, cell phones, or furniture.

Surprisingly, there is always someone who needs these items. This is an easy way to make quick cash. Identify the items that you want to sell and post them on online marketplaces; then wait for someone to contact you.  You could also host a garage sale to ‘dispose of’ bulkier items like furniture and home appliances.

Rent Your Items

Renting your belongings is an easy way to make money, and this is because more people prefer renting rather than spending large sums on things they rarely use.  People prefer to rent for an affordable fee. These are some of the items that you can rent out:

  • A parking spot
  • A car
  • A bicycle
  • Camera
  • House
  • Wi-Fi network

The best way to find clients is by advertising on platforms that connect owners and borrowers.

Do Odd Jobs

Advertise your skills on the web and include your charges and your contact information. Some of these jobs include yard work, plumbing, cleaning, babysitting, home repairs, dog walking, and electrical work.

In your advertisement, state a reasonable price to increase the probability of being considered for a job, but do not shortchange yourself as you may look incompetent. The best way to settle on a fee is by conducting plenty of research.

Finally, when you get an offer, be polite and professional through the entire process.

Find a Short-Term Job

Think about your skills then go out there and look for a short-term job that matches those skills.

Sometimes, organizations require an extra hand; especially when there is a surge in the workload, and they do not want to hire permanent employees. If for example, you have bookkeeping or IT skills, you can earn money by offering an extra hand to such organizations.

Make Money Online

While there are tons of ways to make money online, the easier ones are through online surveys and writing reviews.

Online surveys are particularly preferable if you like giving opinions, and hundreds of companies are always on the lookout for people who can fill out surveys. You may receive some extra cash and free products by simply staring at your computer screen for a few hours.

Another easy way to make money online is through review writing. Many websites offer payment for quality reviews about their books, films, products, and services.  Both methods are flexible, and in most cases, your earning is not limited.

Ask for Help from Your Employer

If you are employed, then you can simply ask your boss for an advance. This money will be issued without an interest because you have earned it. But this method needs to be used with extra caution. Asking for an advance should be a one-time request. If you do it regularly, it can send a wrong impression to your employer: that you are irresponsible and unable to handle money.  You also need to be careful because asking for an advance means your paycheck is going to be lower. So, you need to be prepared.


Do not burden yourself with a loan when there are other avenues of getting cash without borrowing.

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