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Proving You Can Make Money Blogging

I’m answering the question, “Can you make money blogging?” with just 18 months of blogging and the sky’s the limit! Probably the most pervasive question I get from readers is, “Can you make money blogging?” It doesn’t matter how many blogging income reports I publish, people still can’t seem to get their head around the […]

The Secret to Financial Independence and Being Happier at Work

The secret to financial independence isn’t working less but working on what you enjoy doing! This post is our first Facebook Live video and I’m excited to talk about how I found the secret to financial independence. I never thought I would be happy at work and spent most of my 20s miserable for 40+ […]

Impostor Syndrome and Your Biggest Work from Home Challenge

Impostor syndrome affects even the most successful but overcome it for a whole new world of opportunity People ask me what the most difficult part of getting started working from home is and how to overcome it. They usually think it’s something like creating a perfect work at home idea or finding clients. They’re nearly […]

How to Make More than the Average Freelancer

Use these three criteria to make more than the average freelancer in your freelancing business I’ve been freelancing for quite a few years though I just started posting my freelancing income last month. After posting the income reports, I always get emails about how to start a freelance work from home job and how is […]

How I Hit Another Record in Monthly Blogging Income

My monthly blogging income jumped in April as all five blogs started making real money Monthly blogging income climbed to a new record again in April on increases in both book sales and affiliate income. I passed a milestone of $3,000 in the month and have made over $16,000 in the past year from blogging. […]

My Best Monthly Self-Publishing Income Yet!

Self-publishing income continues to increase and it could be your best source of passive income I started posting my self-publishing income in January after nine months of starting to sell books on Amazon and other publishing platforms. March makes one full year and seven books later and making money publishing is easily one of my […]