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8 Real Ways to Make Extra Money Now

No scams, No schemes, Just real ways to make extra money now that anyone can manage The holidays have come and gone and you’re probably looking at a stack of credit card bills from all that holiday cheer you passed around. Whether you’re looking for quick cash to pay down debt or just a little […]

When the Side Hustle Becomes your Life

Can the secret to financial independence be in a side hustle and more work instead of less? This is going to sound absolutely ridiculous but bear with me. The last two years have completely changed my life and I can honestly say that I’ve found the secret to financial independence in the side hustle. But […]

How to Make Money Selling Stuff on Craigslist

We all buy things we don’t need or never use, things that truly fit the description of “stuff”. Find out how to make money selling stuff on Craigslist for extra cash. We talk a lot about long-term strategies for making money from home on the blog but some of the strategies work for extra cash […]