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5 Independent Work Ideas For 2018 That Don’t Require Computer Knowledge

You can still find great work from home ideas that don’t require tech skills or a computer The dot-com revolution had a significant impact on the job market. The age of the freelancers would not have been possible without the democratization of technology. In a previous post, we explored the best work from home jobs […]

How to Choose the Best Bitcoin Mining Tools

The days when Bitcoin could be mined using a sluggish desktop CPU and a little common sense are over. The more power you bring to the table, the more you can earn, and this can be heavy on resources. These days, every tool you choose is a critical building block for your profits. Mining difficulty […]

7 Easiest Jobs to Get that You’ll Actually Enjoy

It’s not enough to find an easy job or one that is easy to get, the trick is to find one that you actually enjoy doing There are lots of easy jobs to get. I’ve had more than a few and researching for this article reminded me just how awful some easy jobs can be. […]

Avoiding the Student Debt Trap with Trade School

Trade school jobs are replacing the traditional college path and at about a third the cost Americans owe more than $1.4 trillion in student loans. That’s T-R-I-L-L-I-O-N and one-in-ten people with student loans are more than 90 days late or defaulting on their loans. Student loan debt is keeping entire generations from being able to […]

25 Ways to Make Extra Money While Keeping Your Day Job

Make extra money on a part-time side hustle while keeping your 9-to-5 job with these resources Too often financial troubles don’t come down to spending too much money but to not making enough. We talk a lot on the blog about ditching the 9-to-5 rat race to earn more money but what about people that […]

7 Secrets of Making Money Online Revealed

Six successful online entrepreneurs share their best strategies for making money online As someone who loves reading about financial history, I can say without a doubt that there has been no other period when it was as possible for anyone to make a lot of money as it is right now. Not in the 15th […]

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