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10 YouTube Mistakes Keeping You from Making Money

A few simple fixes can get your YouTube channel growing again and making money Growing a channel on YouTube can seem completely random and up to luck but there really is some sanity in the madness. Before I started consulting to help YouTubers grow their channels, I felt like there was no rhyme or reason […]

How to Start a DIY Channel on YouTube

Starting a DIY YouTube Channel can be one of the Most Rewarding…and Profitable Businesses You can Start. If you’re like me, growing up on episodes of Tim Allen’s Home Improvement and Bob Vila’s This Old House, you’ve probably dreamed at least once about becoming a celebrity home improvement expert. If you’re exactly like me…you probably […]

How to Start a Kids Channel on YouTube

Tips to start a YouTube kids channel and make money doing it Kids channels are by far the most popular theme on YouTube and make a surprising amount of money. Scroll through the Tubefilter Top 50 Most Popular YouTube Channels list on any given week and the majority are going to be kid-themed content. In […]

How to Start a Music Channel on YouTube

Music is one of the most popular topics on YouTube and starting a music channel is THE new way for anyone to break into the industry I’ve considered myself pretty successful on YouTube, growing my channel to over 215,000 subscribers and earning hundreds of thousands in the last two years but that’s nothing compared to […]

5 YouTube Subscriber Hacks THEY Won’t Tell You

Learn the YouTube Subscriber Tricks They Never Tell You Hey Bow Tie Nation, Joseph Hogue here with Let’s Talk Money and I get asked a lot about how I’ve been able to grow this channel so fast, from zero to over 215,000 subscribers in less than 30 months. And if you’ve been following the income […]

7 YouTube Channel Goals You Can Control

Don’t fall for the biggest mistake in YouTube channel goals. Make these seven YouTube goals you can control.