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How to Start a Blog on 5 Hours a Week

Learn how to start a blog in your spare time and on just a few hours a week so you don’t burn out on this online business Blogging can be a great income source…but it can also be one of the most frustrating online businesses you’ll ever try. Against income reports of bloggers making six-figure […]

How to Sell a Website for Millions

Understanding what gets value when you sell a website can mean making big money and even a full-time income What if someone came around an offered $315 million for your website? Would you sell? What about $6 million? Arianna Huffington cashed out with about $22 million when she sold her website in 2011. A friend […]

Passive Income Blogging Selling Printables [Quick Start Guide]

Making money with printables is one of the best passive income streams you’ll find in blogging Ask anyone with more than one website and they’ll tell you, every website makes money differently. I make just under $7,000 a month across my five blogs and the YouTube channel but that overall number hides a big difference […]

Making Money in Paradise with Seminars and Workshops

Making money with seminars, workshops and conferences is the final piece in our make money blogging series and one of the biggest payouts Have you ever looked at the registration costs for seminars, workshops and conferences and thought the organizers must be making a fortune? Seriously, working as an investment analyst, my boss used to […]

Cheap Web Hosting: Best Sites and How Much to Spend

Cheap web hosting doesn’t have to mean bad web hosting. Learn how to pick the best WordPress host for your blog. The idea that cheaper isn’t always better may be true but there’s definitely a trade-off you need to remember with blogging. Many bloggers decide that it’s just not for them within the first three […]

Making Money While You Sleep: How I Make $6k a Month Blogging

These four online income sources will make money while you sleep and 24/7 Blogging and other online income sources aren’t the easy money you hear about on other blogs but you can easily make thousands a month and anyone can do it. In fact, I’ve used just four blogging income sources to make $6,000 a […]