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Ways to Promote Your Podcast and 10 Things to Remember

Now that you know the way to starting a podcast, here are tips to promote your podcast for success! Starting a podcast can be exciting. But before you do, make sure to plan ahead with these tips on how to promote your podcast for success! A lot of content creators venture into podcasting without a […]

What to Do to Get Started Podcasting? Starting from the Basics

Get started podcasting from the basics! Don’t pressure yourself too much and instead, take it one step at a time. When you are to get started podcasting, what do you think is the first thing to do? If you are like most people, you create an outline of topics to talk about. Do not worry […]

How a Podcast Earns: Ways to Make Money Podcasting

Learn how a podcast earns money and the things to know before starting one. A lot of new emerging content creators are curious about how a podcast earns. This can be a complex topic because there are so many ways to earn money in podcasting. Podcasts are not like most businesses; they have more similarities […]

How to Start a Free Podcast [Expert Advice]

Use this checklist to start a podcast free and learn how to make money fast Podcasting is exploding as a work-from-home business with billions of dollars rushing in from advertisers and millions of new listeners over the last year. According to Podcast Insights, just over half of American households now listen to at least one […]