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Tips for Overcoming Obstacles as a Business Owner

Challenges are inevitable in all aspects of your life. However, as the owner of a company, it can often seem like there are many insurmountable obstacles in your path. For many, this is often true. Research has shown that a large number of fledgling organizations fail quite early on in their endeavors. This means that […]

The Concealed Costs Involved with Running a Business

When you first create a business plan, you probably factor in several expenses that may be considered unavoidable. This is money that you have already mentally parted with, and as such are prepared to lose. After all, this is termed the cost of doing business. What many business owners do not realize, however, is that […]

What Can and Cannot be Used for Business Collateral

If you get behind on your loan payments, you may begin to worry that a lender can simply take anything as collateral. While there are indeed many things that qualify as collateral there are also strict rules as to what a creditor can and cannot repossess. Typically, a lender will prefer assets that are easy […]