5 Productivity Tips to Work from Home [Get More Done!]

These productivity hacks will help you get more done in less time while you’re working at home You’ve started working at home. Whether it’s taking your traditional job home or starting your own work from home business, you’re excited and get up every morning amazed at how easy this is… And then the first week […]

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Business? [Free Spreadsheet]

How Much it Costs to Start a Business and How to Plan Hey Bow Tie Nation, Joseph Hogue here with the Let’s Talk Money channel and you know I love talking investing. It’s been my profession as an equity analyst and I love the idea of putting my money to work but the fact is […]

5 Passive Income Website Ideas You Can Start Today

Create a passive income website for income insurance to pay the bills no matter what happens! More than 30 million Americans were pushed out of work in less than two months this year. We went from just three-in-100 people being out of a job to one-in-five and unemployment is still rising. Building a stream of […]

101 Shark Tank Questions Every Entrepreneur Needs to Ask

Use these Shark Tank questions to grow your business even if you aren’t looking for investors Shark Tank combines reality show drama with one of my favorite topics, venture capital investing. It’s been a hit since launching in 2009 but is much more than just good entertainment. I spent years as a venture capital analyst, […]

The Scariest Online Business Idea You Need to Start NOW!

Starting a YouTube business online is the scariest thing you need to do right now! Starting your own business is scary enough but there’s one online idea that will have most people sleeping with the lights on…but that will also change your life. In this video, I’m going to show you how starting a YouTube […]

The Importance of Communication For Any Business

Communication is vital for the survival of mankind. It is via communication that we are able to get our messages, emotions, and needs across to an individual or a group of individuals. As much as communication is needed in personal relationships, it is also quite valuable in the world of business as well. In modern […]