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Nearly half a million new websites are created every day and online sales will reach $1.9 trillion this year!

I've been an advisor to startups and venture firms for nearly a decade. I've seen entrepreneurs build companies in every industry and I can tell you, there is no other opportunity with as much potential as running a website.

Starting nearly any other type of business requires hundreds of thousands in startup funding and connections with industry heavyweights. The American dream of entrepreneurship is still very much closed to the vast majority of people...except for entrepreneurs in one type of business, web properties.

Launching a website costs next to nothing and running your own online property can take just a few hours a week. I doubled my income this year to $5,000 a month and personally know bloggers that make five-figure incomes Every-Single-Month!

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95% of bloggers give up within the first six months. Only 16% of the remaining group makes over $2,500 a month from their blog and more than half make less than $100 a month.

But you can beat the odds. I'm launching two books in January that will help you make thousands a month within your first year blogging and I'm going to make you an offer you can't refuse!

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Google SEO for Bloggers gives you the seven-step process I use to get tens of thousands of visitors from Google every month. No technical jargon or IT skills required. Learn how to boost your blog above sites like Huffington Post and Forbes with these search engine secrets!

  • One tactic I use to triple my visitor traffic and make more money on each post.
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Make Money Blogging goes step-by-step into the nine best ways to make money from your website. This isn't a bird's eye view of ideas. Each chapter details everything from setup to getting customers and how to make money every month.

  • How to start making money immediately with some of the easiest income sources.
  • How I've made over $15,000 self-publishing and the blogger's secret to writing books.
  • The exact process one blogger uses to make between $30,000 and $70,000 a month with online courses.
  • How to put everything together into your own strategy that makes money every month...even if you take time off from blogging!

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I know what you're thinking, "If they're free, how much could they really be worth? There must be a catch, right? The books must be lead-ins to expensive products or coaching services."


I hate those free or $0.99 books on Amazon that end up just being scams so the author can build their email list or sell high-price products. You won't find that here.

Each book details the subject, laying out the process you need to rank on Google and make money blogging. I'll make thousands selling them on Amazon and Audible but I'm offering them to you free because I need your help.

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Meet the Author

Joseph Hogue, CFA

An investment analyst and veteran, I run six websites that get more than 50,000 visitors every month. After working for years as a freelancer, I realized the only way to be truly financially independent is to own your own websites. I've built a monthly income of $5,000 in less than two years and love the flexibility my work-from-home life gives me.