How Your Computer Knowledge Could Open Doors For Self Employment

With over 4 billion people now online across the globe, the world is at its peak when it comes to computer knowledge. Whether you just have a simple understanding of how computers and the internet work, or you’re tech-savvy to the point of building websites, creating browsers, fixing machines and more, your computer knowledge could very well open up doors for your own self-employment.

Whether something simple such as blogging sounds like your cup of tea, or you’re looking to offer your knowledge to other people, we’re taking a look at how your computer knowledge could lead you to a successful self-employed career.

Should You Work From Home?

Before you look into any of the jobs below, it’s important to work out whether or not a self-employment career is really for you.

While there are, of course, plenty of benefits for self-employment, it’s no secret that not everyone has the self-discipline to get themselves working without their boss looking over their shoulder and there’s nothing wrong with that. For a bit of a change of pace, let’s look at those limitations first.

The first is that there is going to be a new kind of stress to deal with, as all of your failure or success relies on you and you alone. Your profits, expenses, self-management and even personal time are all down to you and this isn’t always something that all have the ability or experience to handle.

However, there are benefits to consider too. For a start, you’ll have better opportunity to follow a career that you actually enjoy and more control over what that means. Your independence and freedom are two things that you often have to give up on the daily 9-5 work grind, but self-employment gives you the opportunity to earn money online while choosing your hours, your responsibilities and you get to reap all of the rewards associated with it.

Of course, there’s also an increased job satisfaction and quality of life. With no commute costs, a lack of office politics to navigate and less pressure on how you work, you can sit back and enjoy your newfound career with the amount of pressure you choose to take on.

The Tech-Savvy

For those with some knowledge of computers, how they work and how to navigate them with ease, our ‘tech-savvy’ choice of jobs could be for you. While they do require additional skills on top, your computer knowledge will certainly give you a leg up! Here are three to get you started:

  • Blogging

Starting up your very own blog could be a completely free venture if you so choose. While buying your own domain name is one start-up cost you might need to consider, there are a whole host of free or paid blogging sites to choose from. Once you’ve done that, all you need to do is put your computer knowledge to the test and put together your own blog designs!

Some blogging sites have their own templates that you can use, but others allow you to edit these as much as you like, so it’s worth taking a look around to see which suits you and your chosen blog topic best. You’ll need to opt for a unique topic that people will want to read about in order to gain a following and then you could start accepting advertisements, affiliate links and sponsored posts to start bringing in money.

  • Online business

If you have some business knowledge and a penchant for all things SEO and ecommerce, you could set up your own online business in no time. If you aren’t quite as savvy in these as you’d like to be, there are resources available online to brush up your knowledge and set about promoting your site. With web hosting fees reducing on a near-constant basis, if you have some knowledge in web development, you could be setting up your new business site in no time.

  • Forex Trading

While trading might not be the first job your mind drifts to when thinking about at-home careers, it’s certainly not one to be overlooked. With some computer knowledge, a stable financial situation and a trading platform, trading in forex is a great way to not only craft a self-employed career, but also add an element of excitement to your career.

With automated trading currently dominating the industry, particularly with trading giants, this isn’t a career that many will immediately consider. However, there is usually a catch involved with automated trades, and a human touch is still very much preferred so this could be an ideal career to start looking into now.

The Tech-Heavy

For those with a little more of an extensive knowledge of computers, tech-heavy jobs are ideal. Whether you’re handy with web development software or would like to pass on your wisdom to others, here are a few tech-heavy jobs you can do as a self-employed worker!

  • Web Development

The digital age is well and truly upon us and more people than ever are looking to develop their own websites, blogs and online businesses. If you have web development knowledge, your skills are in high demand right now, so start advertising them!

Anyone from your average Joe to leading businesses are looking for web development help and you get to choose which jobs you take on and when. As long as you’re armed with a good computer and the knowledge to utilise, then you’re set.

  • Remote Consultant

Despite the consistently growing digital world, a lot of companies are looking to downsize their IT departments and as a result, they’re looking to consultants to give advice on how to do some more complicated jobs.

Remote consultants tend to be the choice, so you can start this career knowing that there’s a demand for your new job title. However, it’s important to note that you’ll need to have the skills, knowledge and ideally, recommendations from other clients or previous employers as the IT consultancy market is a highly competitive one.

  • App Development

Most of us can’t go a single day without opening up an app and practically every month we hear about a ‘nobody’ creating a bestselling app that shoots to the top of the app store charts. If you have any app development skills, this could very well be you!

It’s easier now than ever before to create and upload your very own apps online or on app stores and with the sheer volume of game and application consumption nowadays, you’ll certainly have the audience there to capture.

Becoming self-employed is a leap that some can be extremely reluctant to make. From the pressures of having to run your own business, to the need for knowledge of business and computer technology, it can be off-putting for those who have never tried it before. However, with control over your own work, the jobs you take on and a much higher level of job satisfaction, these risks and worries are definitely worth it in our opinion. What job will you do?

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