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Beating the Summer Blogging Income Slump

Blogging income usually slumps in the summer unless you can find other ways to boost sales

Anyone that’s been blogging for more than a year knows about the summer slump in blogging income. Making money blogging is hard enough and the slowdown over three or four months in the summer is just too much for a lot of new bloggers. The summer blogging slump can be an opportunity though if you look for other income sources and use the slowdown to put projects together.

I didn’t really see much of the summer blogging slump last year because I had just added affiliates and sales were starting to come in. The blogs were just starting to cash flow and I published a second book.

This year looks like it’s gonna be different with June blogging income already down almost $400 since April’s high. I’ve seen a couple of my best affiliates pause their campaign over the last few months and the summer slump looks like it’s just getting started.

But your work from home income doesn’t have to nosedive in the summer. Check out my blogging income for June and how I plan on making it through these slow summer months.

My Summer Blogging Income Slump

The problem with the blogging summer slump is really two-fold. First, people are more interested in vacationing with the family rather than surfing the web for a few months (go figure). I’ve seen a slowdown in traffic on my two older blogs but the newest ones are still building traffic pretty fast.

A bigger issue is that a lot of affiliates choose to put their programs on hold for a few months though I think it’s just an excuse to not pay for traffic. They only pay for sales anyway so it shouldn’t matter that traffic is down a little. You can change links and stop promoting affiliates that pause their program but they are still going to get some clicks through your site.

I’ve seen two of my best affiliates pause their programs but still managed to book $999.54 in June. I expect July and August to be rough as well but growth on the new sites might be able to make up for lower sales on the older blogs.

If there’s anything true about making money blogging or through any work from home strategy is that you’re going to face huge ups and downs. One month can bring a couple of mentions by another blogger, a massive bump in traffic and record income. The next month you might struggle with half the traffic and slumping sales.

I’ve seen it a couple of times (February in the chart below still makes me wince) but if you stick with it, both the highs and the lows keep getting higher.

summer blogging income slowdown

Book sales were down a little to $1,454 in June, pretty much equally lower across Kindle, paperback and audio formats. Sponsored posts and Google Adsense brought in a total $179.66 which was down about half from May but it’s not a big change overall.

Traffic across the six blogs broke 30,000 page views for the first month ever so that’s a small victory in an otherwise dreary month. On the two newest blogs, I’ve seen traffic go from nothing in March to over 5,000 page views in June.

When it was all said and done, I booked $2,633 in blogging income and self-publishing for the month. That’s in addition to $5,400 from freelance writing, bringing the total to $8,033 for June. I started a huge freelancing project last month which I’ll update in our June freelancing income post next Monday.

Check out all of the self-publishing and blogging income reports here.

Finding Income Sources for the Summer Blogging Slump

So what can you do to overcome the summer blogging slowdown and still make money? If you use the slump to build assets or prepare for the fall pickup, you really don’t have to worry about a few months of lower income.

summer slump blogging incomeBy building assets, I mean creating products to sell. Monthly affiliate sales are great and account for nearly half of my blogging income but you have to work to get them every single month. Putting together books, courses and other programs will bring in passive income for years.

Your blog traffic is probably going to slow a little during the summer. People just aren’t surfing the web or sharing on social media quite as much. Consider cutting back to one or two posts a week and use the extra time to create that video course you’ve been meaning to launch.

  • Put some of your old blog posts together into a book. Use the slowdown to revise the posts, add some info and then format into an ebook.
  • Line up a few speaking gigs to talk to local community groups. I know a few bloggers that use the summer months for road trips to promote their blogs.

The summer slump is a great time to look for other sources of blogging income. A lot can happen in the blogoverse over a few months and unless you’ve been keeping up with what’s changed, you might have missed a new way to make money.

One new blogging income source I’m really excited about is affiliate links on Pinterest. I get a few thousand visitors from Pinterest each month but that’s nothing compared to a few bloggers I know and the site just started allowing affiliate links. Pinterest changed their policy of allowing affiliate links last month, opening up a huge opportunity.

A blogger friend of mine Rosemarie Groner just launched her Pinterest Strategy Guide showing exactly how she went from $18/month to over $22,000/month in 19 months. Rosemarie is the go-to expert for Pinterest in my financial bloggers’ circle and she’s given me some great advice in the past.

Get the action steps she used to reach 500,000 monthly visitors and huge Pinterest money for just $34

It’s hard not to get discouraged with blogging during the summer slump. If you need to cut back a little and relax then do it but don’t give up. November is just a few months away and that’s when blogging income really starts increasing again. Use the summer blogging slowdown as an opportunity to find new income sources and finish a couple of projects to keep your work from home business growing!

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