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Investing in Your Blog with a Scholarship Program

Awarding an annual scholarship isn’t giving away money, it’s an investment in your blog What if I told you, there’s a blogging strategy that could get you dozens of the strongest inbound links plus more content than you can publish…would you be interested? You bet you would be. A lot of bloggers I know hesitate […]

My Favorite Way to Get Google Love for My Blog

Broken link-building is the most effective SEO strategy I know but also one of the most intense A good SEO strategy that includes link-building is what separates the amateur bloggers from the professionals, the hobby bloggers that wonder why they aren’t making money from those in the top 15% of earners. But link-building is frustrating. […]

Why Other Bloggers Are Ignoring You

If you’re not targeting blogger relationships with an outreach list, you’re not getting the attention you need Other bloggers are a huge resource, especially for new bloggers. They have the links, shares and guest posts you need to build traffic to your blog. But how do you get their attention and their help? More than […]

Internal Linking and the Hub-Spoke Blogging Strategy

Three reasons why internal linking is so important for SEO and how to use the hub-and-spoke strategy So we know that links to your blog and posts are hugely important to getting found in search. Google has explicitly said that content and links are the two most important factors in its algorithm. Even with killer […]