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How to Use Pinterest for Bloggers [8,000 Visitors Mo. Case Study]

Learn how to use Pinterest to boost blog traffic fast with one of the easiest social media platforms Like most bloggers, I always thought Facebook was the ultimate source for promoting my blog for traffic. It took me more than a year after starting my blogs to even consider Pinterest. Huge mistake. It took just […]

Investing in Your Blog with a Scholarship Program

Awarding an annual scholarship isn’t giving away money, it’s an investment in your blog What if I told you, there’s a blogging strategy that could get you dozens of the strongest inbound links plus more content than you can publish…would you be interested? You bet you would be. A lot of bloggers I know hesitate […]

How to Turn a Roundup Post into Huge Blog Traffic

Roundup posts offer a triple-boost of social media sharing, Google-boosting links and blogger relationships Increasing your blog traffic is about three things; getting your content shared on social media, getting links from other sites to boost search rankings and building relationships with other bloggers to drive both. There’s one blogging strategy that does all three […]

Why Other Bloggers Are Ignoring You

If you’re not targeting blogger relationships with an outreach list, you’re not getting the attention you need Other bloggers are a huge resource, especially for new bloggers. They have the links, shares and guest posts you need to build traffic to your blog. But how do you get their attention and their help? More than […]

How to Fix a Blog You Didn’t Know was Broken

An SEO content audit can reveal a goldmine of information to improve and fix a blog for more traffic You’ve started blogging and love seeing your traffic stats grow but there’s a problem… They aren’t growing fast enough! You aren’t making the kind of money you thought you would blogging. Your blog isn’t ranking for […]

Republishing Secret: How I increased Blog Traffic 246%

Republishing blog posts can boost your blog traffic instantly and mean more money blogging I’ve always said there’s no secret to making money blogging. All the best bloggers I know make money because they write consistently for years and slowly build huge blog traffic through search and a following. There is one trick I’ve learned […]