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How I Use My Blog to Make $5,000 a Month Freelancing

Using a blog for freelancing income isn’t a quick fix to make money but it will help build your business

Blogging can be a great way to find clients and make money freelancing but you need a stubborn determination to stick with it. It will be disappointing at times but you will develop an expertise and your freelancing income will grow over time. Check out my story about how blogging finally came through for a huge freelancing contract and how to use your blog to make more money.

I started two blogs in November 2014 and have been through just about every emotion possible over the last 20 months. I’ve thought about closing up one or both many times before starting three more blogs and buying another earlier this year.

In a post about how to make money freelancing, you may be wondering why I’m talking so much about blogging.

Because a blog can be your best source for finding freelance clients and a great supplement to your income…you just have to give it a little time.

One of the first blogs has been fun to write but constantly disappointing when it came to making money. That all changed a couple of months ago and it’s led to my biggest freelancing contract ever!

Check out my June freelancing income and how to use your blog to make money freelancing below.

June Freelancing Income Grows…and is about to Boom

Freelancing income has been dropping over the last few months as I switched the focus to my six blogs. That all changed last month with my biggest freelancing contract yet and could mean a lot more in the future.

freelance income blogLast month was a good one for writing and my freelancing work as an investment analyst. Long-time clients needed articles for four sites and I wrote a longer investment report for another client for a total of $3,600 on the month.

The real money came as I started the contract on an investment newsletter mid-month, booking $1,500 for the month. Going forward, the newsletter will bring in $3,000 as a monthly base plus a commission on subscriptions each quarter. At an annual subscription of $2,000 for the newsletter, the commission alone could be another couple of grand each month.

Total freelancing income of $5,400 for the month was in addition to $2,633 through blogging and self-publishing, bringing total income to just over $8,000 in June. I’ve started working with a couple of virtual assistants and have budgeted $1,000 per month for help on the blogs but that could also lead to higher traffic and blogging income.

I didn’t start making thousands a month freelancing and it’s been a roller coaster to say the least. You might have to start at lower rates until you build a client list but do good work and referrals will come. Pretty soon, you’ll be raising your rates and turning clients away because you have too much work.

One of the best ways to start freelancing is through a blog though it will still take time to pick up speed. Check out my story below and don’t get discouraged before you start making real money freelancing.

Using your Blog for Freelancing Income

So I’ve talked about how to get started blogging and how most blogs don’t start seeing any real traffic for at least six months. For some blogs, the path to actually making money can be even longer still.

I started my Crowdfunding Blog in 2014 as the popularity for crowdfunding was just picking up on sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Not only was rewards-based crowdfunding going strong but the government was going to start allowing equity crowdfunding investment which could be a boom to the industry.

I started the blog with an eye to helping investors analyze startups, a skill I had learned while working for venture capital firms and through years as an analyst.

I published a book about raising money crowdfunding last year. It’s done really well with more than $4,000 in sales and averaging $312 per month. Unfortunately, the government delayed crowdfunding investing for most people until just this year.

As good as the book sales have been for Crowd101, the blog isn’t even close to the money I’ve made on PeerFinance101 where I’ve been able to make about twice as much through affiliate sales, books and other advertising. Both blogs are the same age and get about the same number of visitors per month, so it’s been extremely frustrating not being able to monetize the crowdfunding blog and I’ve thought about selling it several times.

That all changed a couple of months ago when one of my long-time clients saw my book on Amazon and approached me about writing a twice-monthly newsletter about crowdfunding investing. I’ll be getting a monthly base plus a commission on subscriptions and it looks like the newsletter could account for half of my total income going forward.

And it’s all because I took the time to become an expert through the blog. When it seemed like the blog just wasn’t going to make money, it’s turned out to be my most profitable business!

It’s that way for a lot of bloggers I know that use their blogs to find freelancing clients for writing, social media assistance and even helping with other blogs. It can take a while but good money freelancing only comes with time and experience.

The moral of the story, don’t get discouraged and let your blog die. Post at least once a week or biweekly and develop your expertise.

  • Reformat and improve a series of posts into a book for self-publishing to provide supplemental income
  • Join a couple of affiliate networks like CJ Affiliate to find relevant affiliates for your blog
  • Check out our Making Money Freelancing articles for ideas and strategies
  • Add a “Hire Me” page to your menu and showcase your best work around specific jobs
  • Get active on Facebook with a blogger group around your topic for information and support when you need motivation

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You can make money freelancing and running a blog about your services or around a broader topic is a great way to bring in clients. It can be frustrating at first…ok, it can be frustrating for a long time, but you have to stick with it. You’ll only really start making good money freelancing after you’ve developed expertise and a reputation. It takes time but you can do it and it can open up a whole new world of financial happiness and fulfillment.


  1. The thing with being a blogger is that you have to use it as a way to establish credibility. If you can demonstrate a thorough understanding of a topic, then you are much more likely to get consumers.

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