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Get Ready to Work from Home in 2020!

Everything you need to start an online business and work from home in 2020

I used to hate it when people said to, “follow your dreams,” or talked about their online business. Was it really possible or just some scammy cliché meant to sell you their courses?

Five years after starting my websites and just two years after starting on YouTube, I can honestly say, THIS IS NO JOKE!

In that half a decade, I’ve made over $300,000 and have seen it grow like no 9-to-5 job could. I’m averaging over $11,500 a month in 2019 and will never slow down.

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Giving Away Everything I’ve Learned for Making Money Online

To grow my Instagram profile, I’m running a contest to give away all the books and courses I’ve created on making money online. I’ve always loved sharing how I’ve grown my work from home business and helping others reach that same level. Now is your chance to get it all for FREE!

That’s four books to make money blogging and on a YouTube channel PLUS my new YouTube Mastery Course detailing how I grew my YouTube channel, Let’s Talk Money, to over 100,000 subscribers in just 20 months.

Check out the books and course below to see what you’ll win. Enter the contest at lets_talk_money_josephhogue

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Tag more friends for more chances to win. Each comment of two tagged friends gets you another entry for the contest!

Three Books Worth Tens of Thousands on Working from Home

I’ve written three books for making money online, covering two of the best ways to create an income from home. These aren’t the typical superficial books on how to start a blog you see on Amazon or as freebies, I focused these books on the critical information you need to make money and grow your online business.

best entrepreneurship books to read

Make Money Blogging details the nine income sources bloggers use to make money online including the seven I use to make money every single month. Some of these offer an immediate payout while others take longer to develop but mean thousands a month.

Put them together and these income sources WILL make you more money than you thought possible! An Amazon best-seller in the Blogging and Small Business categories.

Google SEO for Bloggers is THE secret behind my blogging success and one that most bloggers still don’t know. Google search accounts for more than 70% of traffic for most bloggers but most have no idea how to get ranked. They think it’s too difficult or spammy…and they avoid it.

Focusing on ranking my blogs on Google is how I was able to grow traffic and make more money than blogs much older than mine. It helped grow my blogs to traffic over 200,000 visitors a month within a year and helped me make hundreds of thousands of dollars.

DO NOT avoid a plan for search engine optimization (SEO) and your best chance to grow your online business fast!

Self-Publishing for Passive Income is my newest book and I can’t believe it took me so long to share this strategy! Self-publishing on Amazon was my first income source and is by far the most passive I’ve found. I make over $2,000 a month on 12 books and do nothing after the launch on each.

In fact, if it were not for the quick and reliable income from self-publishing, I never would have been able to devote the time to growing the rest of my work from home business. Those monthly checks from Amazon helped me pay the bills while I grew my income from other sources.

My Favorite ‘New’ Way to Make Money Online

The blogs have been great for starting my online business but starting a YouTube channel has revolutionized my business. I have more than doubled my monthly income and build a community of followers over 120,000 in less than two years.

Crushing YouTube shows you exactly how I started and grew my YouTube channel. From setting up your channel to getting comfortable on video and how to get viral views, it’s all here! I know how intimidating it can be to get in front of the camera and how frustrating it is to grow on YouTube. This book makes it easy for anyone!

YouTube Mastery is the companion video course to the book and includes some amazing extras. Not only do you get more than ten hours of video guiding you through every chapter of the book, you’ll also get access to my private Facebook group of YouTube creators for the help and support you need. I show you how to set up your channel and find viral video ideas with screenshare video you can follow. When you’re ready, I’ll even review your channel and give you pointers on jumpstarting your growth.

Click through here to lets_talk_money_josephhogue on Instagram and enter the contest. Three lucky winners will be selected at random on 12/3 and will receive all four books and access to the YouTube course…all completely FREE!

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