5 Viral Blog Post Ideas in 5 Minutes

How to get blog post ideas fast and a content strategy to make money I’ve written more than 2,300 blog posts on six blogs over the past five years and hundreds more as guest posts on other sites. … [Read More...]

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Online Income Review 2020 [How I Made $144,900 Online Last Year]

How my online income grew last year and how you can start making more money in 2020 I haven’t been doing the monthly income reviews like I have in the past. I love sharing the progress on my online … [Read More...]

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What is the Most Profitable Blog Niche?

How to start a blog that makes money in one of these profitable niches The days of starting a cooking blog for the hell of it are over. Blogging is a business. Most people don’t start a blog anymore to just share their experiences. You want to MAKE MONEY! Like any business, that means planning […]

5 Must-Make New Year’s Resolutions [and How to Keep Them!]

Six in ten people make New Year’s Resolutions but only 25% are still keeping them by the end of January and only one motivated person out of twelve accomplish their goals. In this video, I’ll share five resolutions everyone needs to make and reveal three secrets that will guarantee you’re that one successful person at […]

How to Get RICH in 2020 [3 Strategies for Fast Cash]

Three ideas that can make you rich in 2020 and real life examples Stop thinking stocks or some MLM scam are going to make you rich! It just doesn’t happen that way. In this video, I’m revealing three strategies with real life examples that will make you a millionaire in a year. In fact, I […]

How to Start a Travel Blog [Tips from a Famous Travel Blogger]

A complete guide to becoming a travel blogger and getting paid to see the world! Here where I live in Colombia, 90% of the bloggers I meet are travel bloggers. That means I’ve seen how successful and how much money they can make… I’ve also seen how the majority of travel blogs barely make enough […]

How to Promote an Anonymous Blog without Outing Yourself

You can be successful blogging anonymously but you need to know how to promote your site without using the traditional methods One of the oldest problems in blogging is how much to share about your personal life and whether it’s better to blog anonymously. Most of the bloggers I know share their real name, share […]

How to Make Money Online from Home [3 Secrets and 5 Easy Jobs]

Five ways to make money online from home that don't include blogging I’m sharing five jobs to make money online from home, two of which I’ve just developed so I know nobody else is doing them. … [Read More...]

How Should I Save Money to Move to Another Country?

Thinking of moving to another country? Many Americans are leaving the U.S. for a lower cost of living and/or a better job opportunity. In some countries, a lower cost-of-living and a booming economy … [Read More...]

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Get Ready to Work from Home in 2020!

Everything you need to start an online business and work from home in 2020 I used to hate it when people said to, “follow your dreams,” or talked about their online business. Was it really possible or just some scammy cliché meant to sell you their courses? Five years after starting my websites and just […]

How I Make $2,137 Passive Income Every Month with Amazon Self-Publishing

How to Make More Money with Amazon Self-Publishing Self-publishing is easy! I’ve got 12 books published on Amazon and make over two grand a month. Now publishing is easy but making that money passive income every month, that’s where more than four million authors on Amazon fail. In this video, I’m revealing the three hacks […]

7 Steps to Start a YouTube Channel [Quick Checklist]

A quick checklist to start a YouTube channel and point you in the right direction Have you noticed we’ve been doing a lot of articles about YouTube lately on the blog? Yeah, #sorrynotsorry… I love blogging and it’s changed my life since starting in 2013. It’s given me the freedom to grow my own business […]

3 Reasons for YouTube Views Dropping and What to Do About It

See the three reasons for sudden YouTube video views dropping and what you can do to get more views on YouTube.

5 Legit Ways How to Make Money Online for Free

Don’t waste your time with survey sites. Check out these five legit ways to make money online for free. Step-by-step on each site and how to make as much money as possible.