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Proving You Can Make Money Blogging

I’m answering the question, “Can you make money blogging?” with just 18 months of blogging and the sky’s the limit!

Probably the most pervasive question I get from readers is, “Can you make money blogging?” It doesn’t matter how many blogging income reports I publish, people still can’t seem to get their head around the idea that blogging can replace your full-time job as a source of income.

After 18 months of running my own blogs, I can definitely say that you can make money blogging and it might be easier than you think.

Making money off a blog isn’t going to be a source of passive income. You’ll always have to work on your blog. Even established blogs need updated occasionally or they start to see traffic slip but you can absolutely make money blogging if you treat it like a business.

Check out my May blogging income below and how I plan on making even more money to help you with your own work from home strategy.

Can You Make Money Blogging? Here’s Proof!

Blogging and self-publishing income was down about a hundred dollars from the record in April but still came in at over $2,900 for the month. I’ve made $19,093 on the blogs since April of last year with an average of $2,700 over the last three months.

So if anyone says you can’t make money blogging or that it takes too much time…bull*$^t! The reason why the vast majority of bloggers don’t make money is because they don’t approach it like a business. They jump in writing and think that it’s all it takes to get paid to blog.

Making money off a blog means doing two things constantly; growing traffic and monetizing it through advertising or products. Just 23% of bloggers make over $1,000 a month because they don’t know how to monetize their traffic.

I make money blogging primarily from two sources, affiliate advertising and self-publishing. I made $959 in affiliate sales last month mostly through GoDaddy hosting and personal loan platforms. A lot of the Godaddy sales come from my huge resource post on How to Start a Blog which is a 10-page guide on getting started and getting Google love.

I also ran two sponsored posts in the month of May for $280 though my sponsored post broker takes a 25% cut off the top. These are paid advertising posts you’ll start getting when your traffic reaches a certain level.

Self-publishing brought in another $1,603 in May though it is looking like June income could be a little lower. I sold 608 copies of the seven books through Kindle, Audible and Paperback.

proof can make money blogging

Paperback and Kindle sales continue to increase each month but copies sold on Audible fell to 155 last month so I may have to do something to promote on the site. I haven’t done any promotion on Audible over the three months because sales have consistently increased. Self-publishing is a great way to supplement your blogging income and a natural fit since you’re already writing the content.

yes can you make money blogging

I break my work from home freelancing income down in a separate article. While blogging has helped me get freelance clients, either can be done separately for a great work at home income. Freelancing income was a little lower at $2,100 last month because I wanted to focus on the blogs but still helped get me to just over $5,000 for the month.

Looking Ahead through 2016 to Make Money Blogging

Traffic to my five blogs jumped more than 25% to 28,500 visitors, mostly as the traffic to the three newer blogs doubled. I’m aiming for over 50,000 in monthly visitors by the end of the year which will take work but is achievable.

proof you can make money bloggingRemember, making money off a blog is about growing traffic through quality articles and then monetizing traffic. Simple as that.

I bought another site earlier this month as well. It is a dating & relationship site called, How You Can Find Love, with more than 100 legit posts and a great backlink profile. I know the owner from some of his other sites and he really tried to build the blog to make money. This is important because a lot of sites out there are created by people with the intent to sell them or that don’t know how to write good content. The site already gets nearly 1,000 visitors from Google each month and I can use the republishing technique to increase traffic.

I’m not really a romance guru but relationships & dating is one of the trifecta for making money blogging. There’s a saying online that the three ways to make money are in health, wealth and romance. The saying plays out in advertising rates and how much bloggers make. Blogs in the fitness/health, personal finance & investing, and relationships categories hold a lot of potential to make money.

That doesn’t mean you should force yourself into a blog within one of those categories if you don’t have an interest in it. You have to enjoy talking about the subject or be able to hire out the content, otherwise you’ll burn out on the amount of work in the first six months as most bloggers do.

Find something about which you enjoy writing, build your blog’s traffic for six months to a year and then watch the money start coming in!

Money from the blogs has increased to the point that I can hire someone to help with day-to-day tasks. Nobody expects one person to run a Fortune 500 company, don’t think you need to do everything for your blogs either. Learn where your skills make the most money, usually in writing and social media, and find help for the other stuff.

Beyond making a lot of money off the blogs, I’m having the time of my life. I’m still working a full-time schedule and sometimes more but I love owning my own internet assets and being able to grow the business. It’s proof that you can make money blogging if you give it a little time and put the work in.

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